Stay aware.

Just get a screen.

LineCast transforms your Android device into a surveillance camera securely accessible from any device connected to the web.

Home CCTV made straightforward

A spare Android phone or tablet can serve as a high-quality home security camera.

Access from any device

Watch the live stream video on PC, tablet or smartphone. All vendors and operating systems supported.

High video quality for free

HD video (720p) and 960p resolution are available for free. Enjoy a crystal-clear 1280×960 picture for free.

No ads. At all

You will never see ads even if you use LineCast for free. There are just no ads. Nowhere. It is that simple.

Motion detection alerts

Get notifications when the camera detects motion.

Low latency, fast connection

One second latency, connection time as low as 5 seconds.

Bidirectional audio

Listen to the camera microphone and send audio back to its loudspeaker right from the web browser.

Focus on security, privacy and anonymity

Account-free fully anonymous service

There is no sign up procedure. We do not ask for your e-mail or your Google account access.

Strict privacy policy

We do not collect any unnecessary personal information. Take a look at our privacy policy.

Full data encryption

The captured media transport is secured by encryption.

Optional two-factor authentication

Using one-time passwords to get access to the camera. This is optional and free.

Full setup in less than a minute

  1. Start the capture session in the app and get an unique access link and choose a password.
  2. Set up your smartphone in a place you want to watch.
  3. Follow the link in a web browser on a PC or on a smartphone, and enter the password.

Security: we take it seriously

Want a more secure access to your camera? Enable optional two-factor authentication.

  • Pair your camera with a one-time password generation (TOTP) app like Google Authenticator or FreeOTP.
  • Enter an additional one-time password to connect to the camera.

You pay for real things

We do not charge for features that do not imply costs. We just give them for free.



  • No ads
  • Standard video resolution (up to 960p)
  • Low/medium bitrate (up to 1 Mbps)
  • Capture time: 6 hours per session
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Motion detection alerts


from $1.99/month

  • No ads
  • High video resolution
  • High and ultra-high bitrate (10 Mbps)
  • Unlimited capture time
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Motion detection alerts
  • Subscriptions and one-time passes

Try it free

LineCast is fully usable free as long as you want. Purchase a subscription or a one-time pass any time later to enable unlimited continuous capture time and video quality and access to all features.

Get it on Google Play

Frequently asked questions

We provide answers to few common questions we get from our users.

I forgot my camera password. Can I get it somehow?

No. The password is only stored on the camera. We do not know the password. Also, for security reasons, there is no password reset procedure. You can start a new capture session on the camera device with a new password.

What is the free usage time limit?

The capture stops after some time (6 hours). You can restart the capture right after. This is done to reduce the load on the service from users enjoying LineCast for free while still offering them a great value.

Do I need to install something on my computer to watch the live stream from the camera?

You only need a web browser. Any modern browser (e.g. Firefox or Chrome) is enough to connect to the camera device, watch the captured video, listen to the audio and control the camera remotely.

What are video quality limits?

If you use LineCast for free, you have a maximum vertical frame size of 960 pixels and maximum bitrate of 1 Mbps. Any purchased option removes these limits, and the video quality is only bound by the network bandwidth and the camera quality itself.

Do you have a motion detection feature?

Yes. When the camera detects motion, a push notification is sent to the web browser. To enable this, you only need to connect to the camera and press the button under the live stream.

Can I use my iPhone?

You can connect to your camera from any device including iPhone. However, we only support Android phones as camera devices so far.

Can someone else connect to my camera?

Only if you share the access link and the camera password with that person. If you enable two-factor authentication, then only people having access to the phone generating the security codes can connect to the camera.

Can someone spy on me using LineCast?

No. LineCast displays a notification in the system tray when your phone is used as a camera. This is a security requirement from Android. You easily notice this activity on your phone. Also, in order to start capture, someone would have to interact with your phone.

Do you send a lot of promotional push-notifications?

We do not send them at all. We do not employ typical app marketing techniques such as serving ads in the free version and upselling through notifications.

How can I leave feedback?

Leave a review on Google Play or write an email. We pay attention to the feedback we get. When leaving a public review on Google Play, please be constructive and provide details to help us to improve LineCast.

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